TowerFall Ascension slinging onto PC and PS4 March 11

TowerFall has arguably been one of Ouya's most noteworthy success stories, but creator Matt Thorson is finally ready to bring his multiplayer archery platformer to new platforms. TowerFall Ascension will make its way to PC and PS4 on March 11 and bring along with it some new features.

"In Ascension there are 50 new Versus arenas to fight on, for a total of 120 unique levels, and a bunch of new variants to customize your matches with," Thorson says on PlayStation.Blog. "There are a few new powerups too, which change the game up considerably. My favorite: drill arrows that burrow through walls."

TowerFall Ascension will also debut Quest mode, in which one or two players defend arenas from spawning monsters. Local competitive multiplayer will be supported for up to four players, but online multiplayer is not available.

On top of being a personal favorite, TowerFall has collected a number of accolades in 2013, including PAX 10 recognition and IndieCade awards.