Valve-produced Dota2 documentary Free to Play releases March 19

Valve is stepping into the world of documentaries with a new internally-made film called Free to Play, which now has a release date. The feature-length documentary follows three professional Dota 2 players, as they venture through the million dollar Dota 2 International Tournament.

Free to Play will be free to download on Steam on March 19. Valve will also a paid pack that includes the film, along with Fear's Sven Set, hyhy's Doom Set, Dendi's Pudge Set, Free to Play Wards, Free to Play HUD, and Free to Play Courier items for Dota2. Those that purchase the Free to Play Pack will see 25% of their purchase distributed among the players featured in the film, as well as the film's contributors.

Check out the trailer below for more on this eye-opening look into the growing world of competitive gaming. Valve will also be holding a public launch on March 18 in the San Francisco area, which will include a live Q&A. Tickets are available now.