Kingdom Come: Deliverance confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

As Kingdom Come: Deliverance continues to draw dollars galore on Kickstarter, Warhorse Studios has announced that its medieval open-world RPG will indeed be coming to next-gen consoles. The developer had previously mentioned hopes for a next-gen release as well as PC, and now it's formally confirmed for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It's also shown off a grand hour of gameplay.

Warhorse launched the Kickstarter campaign in January, seeking £300,000 (about $500k). With just over one day left to go, it's sitting pretty at around £970k ($1.6 million-ish)--just short of the stretch goal to add a dog companion.

If you're perhaps past blindly supporting crowdfunding campaigns based upon dreams, here's an hour of gameplay from a recent live stream, mostly showing the build once pitched to publishers: