Titan Attacks! and Revenge of the Titans coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita

The prolific PlayStation porting team at Curve has announced it's bringing yet more PC games over to Sony's systems, in the form of Titan Invasion for PlayStation 4, PS3, and Vita. It's actually a double-pack, containing Puppy Games' arcade shooter Titan Attacks! and its tower defense/RTS sequel Revenge of the Titans.

Titan Attacks! was originally released on PC in 2006, a jolly colourful shooter described by Puppy as a "Space Invaders tribute," with ship upgrades and challenge stages t'boot. Revenge of the Titans, however, it's quite different. It's a tower defense where you do more than watch guns shoot, needing to carefully time reloads of your weapons, gather resources, and, if you unlock the systems on the tech tree, deploy your own forces.

Titan Invasion is slated to launch this summer as a Cross-Buy title. Here's Revenge of the Titans: