Company of Heroes 2 gets new DLC ahead of Aftermath update

Over the long holiday weekend, two of Sega's major franchises went head-to-head in the Steam arena. The results are in and Company of Heroes 2 has emerged victorious over Total War: Rome II, by virtue of its community racking up more in-game victories. CoH2 fans will now reap the rewards of a pair of DLC packs, available for free through February 22, just in time for tonight's Aftermath update.

The German side will get the German Commander: Close Air Support Doctrine pack. This pack gives commanders tactical air support from the JU-87 Stuka dive bomber, which can provide bombing strikes, anti-tank strafing, and recon passes.

The Soviets will strike from both the air and the ground with the Soviet Commander: Advanced Warfare Tactics pack. The IL-2 Sturmovik plane will strafe select targets, while commanders call in T-34/85 tanks. Infantry can also be upgraded with a new upgrade package that replaces their rifles with PPSh-41 SMGs and the Radio Intercept ability will let you eavesdrop on enemy operations.

Company of Heroes 2 will also deploy a free update called Aftermath that adds Battle Servers, streamlines the surrender process, and features the first community multiplayer map 'Crossing in the Woods.' The update will go live at 9:00PM PST tonight. For more, check out the video below.