Survey: more than half of developers working on PC games

More than 2600 North American developers have been surveyed in preparation for the upcoming Game Developers Conference in March. The survey polled which platforms developers are planning on making games for, and how they plan on seeking funding.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, PS4 is the most popular console platform for developers, with 20% intending to make games for Sony's new console. To compare, only 17% and 4% of those surveyed said they will work on Xbox One and Wii U respectively.

Of course, while PS4 might edge out other consoles in developer mindshare, consoles aren't where a majority of effort is being placed. According to the report (via Polygon), more than half of developers plan on making games for PC, Mac, or mobile. Specifically, 53% of respondents are working on PC/Mac games, while 52% of developers are making games for tablets and smartphones.

The developers surveyed were attendees of last year's GDC.

Most developers are also self-publishing their projects, with 64% of respondents not working with a publisher. Clearly, digital distribution on platforms like PC and mobile have enabled devs to move away from publishers. In addition, crowdfunding is making an increased impact on game development, with 11% of surveyed developers saying they've used crowdfunding as a monetary resource.