WildStar trailer showcases branching 'Adventure' instances

Repeating instances in an MMORPG is generally only done to farm them, not for the fun of it, as they're awfully repetitive. WildStar's taking a different approach with its 'Adventures,' a type of instance with branching routes and stories which change how it all plays out. They're can be quite different to regular play too, with types from tower defense to MOBAs.

"Think of it as a Choose Your Own Adventure dungeon, only in an open world, where anything can happen," a new trailer explains. Every Adventure branches, both in story and goals, and often in actual systems. The 'Highcrest Insurrection' Adventure, for example, will let players sneak to sabotage and assassinate, free captives, or raise an army.

Other Adventures will see players escorting caravans across winding routes, choosing which side to support in a crime syndicate war, playing tower defense, or simply playing a MOBA.

Developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCSoft, WildStar is due on PC this spring.