Daylight breaking on PS4 and PC in April

By Steve Watts, Feb 17, 2014 11:15am PST

The procedurally-generated thriller Daylight is coming sometime in April, Zombie Studios has revealed. Previously the PC and PlayStation 4 exclusive was given a more murky early 2014 designation.

Studio director Jared Gerritzen mentioned the release window to IGN.

Daylight is being written by and stars industry vet Jessica Chobot, and focuses on a woman finding her way through an abandoned hospital using only her cell phone as a light source. We're sure that the hospital is truly abandoned and clearly marked exit signs will guide her through without anything creepy happening at all. It features procedural generation to produce the hospital, and on PlayStation 4 it will use the PS Eye to snap a picture just when the game hits a particularly potent scare moment. Fiendish!

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