Snow adds Sochi-inspired 'Fochi' slopestyle course

The stunt-tastic skiing discipline of slopestyle made its Olympic debut at Sochi 2014, sending skiers hurtling over ramps and grinding down rails. If you fancy having a crack yourself without cracking a rib, why, you're in luck, as Snow has added a cheeky 'Fochi 2014' slopestyle run to its Early Access release. Fochi isn't Sochi, of course--there'd be heavy licensing costs with that, and the rainbow splash added to screenshots might not be approved of--but parts of it, well, may seem a little familiar. Snow is available through Steam Early Access now for $14.99, or a little more if you fancy some exclusive extra gear. It only has skiing right now, but developer Poppermost Productions is working on adding snowboarding.

The rainbow world of Fochi 2014