Killer Is Dead coming to PC in May

Suda51's cybernetic executioner Mondo Zappa is coming over from consoles to PC. Killer Is Dead, released on Xbox 360 and PS3 last year, is coming to PC on May 9 at the budget price of $19.99, publisher Deep Silver announced today. It's packing a few extras too, coming with the DLC and a new 'Nightmare' difficulty mode.

Killer Is Dead saw Mondo, in typical excitable Suda51 style, gallivanting around Earth and the Moon to strike down naughty criminals. Expect melodrama, a big sword, a cybernetic arm which morphs into different weapons, sexy ladies, and a whole load of nonsense. Reviews often seemed to boil down to "If you're a Suda51 fan, you'll probably enjoy it." It did cost $50 at launch on console, mind, so it's a different proposition at $20.

Killer Is Dead comes to PC as the 'Nightmare Edition,' which includes the 'Smooth Operator' DLC outfit pack, a new option to rewatch cutscenes, and the new Nightmare difficulty. Enemies in Nightmare Mode will only die to headshots and Adrenaline Burst and Dodge Burst attacks, nothing else, so Deep Silver says it "requires far more skill and tactics."

Look at how very Suda51-y this game is: