Year Walk strolls onto Steam on March 6

Developer Simogo's unique puzzle game, Year Walk, is ready to jump onto Steam. A new trailer points to a March 6 release date for the updated first-person atmospheric puzzler that was originally released on iOS early last year.

Year Walk is set in 19th-century Sweden, as the player is sent on a vision quest. The idea is to solve puzzles by piecing together clues placed in the environment. While the iOS original was built around touch mechanics, the new PC and Mac versions have been re-designed to support WASD keyboard movement and mouse controls. The game will also feature updated art, new locations, new puzzles, Steam achievements, and the iOS version's companion app that fleshes out much of the Swedish lore.

Check out the trailer below for a brief glimpse of Year Walk. If you absolutely can't wait until March 6 for the PC and Mac versions to arrive, you can pick up the game right now on the App Store, along with its companion app.