PlanetSide 2's Amerish continent and mission system updates detailed

PlanetSide 2 remains on pace to keep up with its developer roadmap. The next weekly update will feature an overhaul for the Amerish continent, which implements the game's lattice system. The following week will see some change's to the overall mission system, while also adding some options for new players and squad leaders. Creative director Matt Higby confirmed in a phone call with Shacknews that the Amerish continent update will launch on Wednesday, February 19, barring any setbacks. The lattice system will be implemented, which will effectively change base layouts and also add six new outposts. The re-positioned bases will utilize the continent's landscape to limit at what angles vehicles will be able to approach control points, thus creating more safety zones for infantry soldiers. While there won't be any majorly difficult-to-defend points like Octogaon for the Esamir continent, areas like Ascent and Raven's Landing won't be easy to keep out of enemy hands. Though the update will also feature a number of bug fixes, Higby acknowledges that Amerish may need some polish after it's launched and that the PlanetSide 2 team will welcome any and all player feedback.

Amerish's Bridge, as it appears after next week's update

February 26 will see the release of a major system update that should make new soldier recruitment more of a simpler process. New players will be greeted with a class quiz, with player answers determining their best class and loadouts. Newcomers will also receive two default loadouts, instead of the current single loadout, to help cater to offensive or defensive-minded soldiers. The mission system will also get a bit of a boost on that same day, becoming more of an objective-based system. Soldier objectives will be determined by squad leader actions, which will help point to what areas need to be captured or defended. To that end, squad leaders will also be able to create quick missions for their platoon, which will reward everyone with bonus XP upon completion. Finally, February 26 will introduce a revamped death screen. Veering closer to traditional FPS titles, downed players will be able to see what killed them on a mini-map, which should help squads flush out pesky snipers or tanks that are hiding in the distance.

Amerish's Drill, as it appears after next week's update