Weekend PC download deals: President Valentine's Weekend Edition

Valetine's Day kinda stinks, doesn't it? If you're single, you have to put up with couples showing off their happiness and loving bliss. Meanwhile, if you do have a Valentine, you wind up missing things like the Titanfall beta. But the light at the end of the tunnel is that this is a three-day weekend, thanks to it also being President's Day weekend, and that means you can get your fill of PC games in before going back to the grind on Tuesday. GameFly Digital is offering up Company of Heroes 2, Wargame: Airland Battle, and Batman: Arkham Origins at special discounts, while just about every retailer has a major Valentine's Day sale going on, just to remind you that it is, in fact, Valentine's Day. The big ones are coming from Amazon, GamersGate, and Steam. And speaking of Steam, you might have heard that they're letting you play both Witcher games for a free weekend. Check out our full list of deals after the break. Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:


Tomb Raider

Bundle Stars

Pay $4.01 for Crazy Machines, Crazy Machines 1.5, Crazy Machines 2, Crazy Machines 2: Back to the Shop DLC, Crazy Machines 2: Halloween DLC, Crazy Machines 2: Happy New Year DLC, Crazy Machines 2: Invaders from Space DLC, Crazy Machines 2: Liquid Force DLC, and Crazy Machines 2: Time Travel DLC. All activate on Steam. Or Pay $4.01 for Nuclear Dawn, Hard Reset Extended Edition, Painkiller Overdose, Painkiller: Black Edition, AirBuccaneers, Zeno Clash, Zeno Clash 2, and Chaser. All activate on Steam. Or pay $4.01 for Ship Simulator Extremes, Lunar Flight, Dogfight 1942, Bridge It (Plus), Airport Simulator 2014, Skyscraper Simulator, Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming, and Woodcutter Simulator 2013 Gold Edition. All activate on Steam.

Hard Reset

GameFly Digital

Use the code FEB20OFF to get (roughly) these prices or if you're across the pond, use UKFEB20OFF.

Company of Heroes 2


XCOM: Enemy Unknown


  • Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist [UPlay] - $14.99 (60% off)
  • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger [Steam] - $5.09 (66% off)
  • Other titles in Gamestop's Ubisoft sale, including Far Cry and Assassin's Creed titles, can be found here.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Get Games

Hitman: Absolution


  • Guacamelee Gold Edition - $3.74 (75% off)
  • Omerta: City of Gangsters (Four DLC's included) - $7.99 (80% off)
  • System Shock 2 - $1.49 (85% off)
  • Other titles in the GOG Valentine's Day promo, including Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition and Dungeon Keeper 2, can be found here.


Green Man Gaming

Mass Effect 3

Humble Bundle

Pay what you want for Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete, Sid Meier's Civilization IV The Complete Edition, Sid Meier's Ace Patrol, Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies, and Sid Meier's Railroads. Pay more than the average $9.76 to also receive Sid Meier's Civilization V, the Gods & Kings DLC, the Scrambled Continents Map Pack, the Scrambled Nations Map Pack, and Sid Meier's Pirates! Pay $15 or more to also get Civlization V: Brave New World. The Civilization V soundtrack is also included. All games work with Steam. Also, pay what you want for And Yet It Moves, The Dream Machine (Chapters 1, 2, and 3), and Luxuria Superbia. Pay $6 or more to also receive Dear Esther, The Bridge, and 7 Grand Steps. Select soundtracks are also included. All games work with Steam.

Civilization V: Brave New World

Indie Royale

Pay $5.21 minimum for Not The Robots, Arcane Worlds, Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - Episode 1, Bleed, No Time To Explain, Bad Smell, and Chopper Mike. Pay at least $8.00 for a bonus soundtrack album.

No Time To Explain


As well as regular discounts, Steam has a couple of additional weekend deals.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings