Path of Exile getting corrupted in Sacrifice of the Vaal mini-expansion

The continent of Wraeclast is about to undergo a terrible curse in the newly-announced free Path of Exile mini-expansion called Sacrifice of the Vaal. The exiled players that inhabit Wraeclast will find themselves at the center of a whole new conflict that sees the ancient Vaal civilization's queen return from the dead in search of blood and vengeance.

Queen Atziri is described as the most beautiful of the Vaal civilization, who ultimately sacrificed her people in a misguided quest for eternal grace. Her return will drastically affect the Path of Exile world, as it will corrupt equipment, skill gems, maps, and various parts of Wraeclast.

The initial announcement teases a new endgame scenario that pits players against the fallen queen. Developer Grinding Gears Games promises to reveal more details about Sacrifice of the Vaal on February 28.

Path of Exile's Sacrifice of the Vaal mini-expansion will arrive on March 5 for free.