realMyst: Masterpiece Edition remakes Myst remake

Released in 1993, Cyan's adventure game Myst used shiny new CD-ROM technology to deliver then-astonishing pre-rendered graphics. Released in 2000, realMyst was a 3D remake showing, hey, we can do that in real-time now. Released last week, realMyst: Masterpiece Edition remakes realMyst because hey, you guys like HDified remakes, right? realMyst's Masterpiece Edition rebuilds the remake entirely with new 3D graphics, for you to explore either at your leisure in a free-roaming perspective or the classic Myst on-rails view. It makes everything fancier, with dynamic water and foliage, depth-of-field, bloom, and all that jazz. t also adds day and night cycles and, as a nice little touch, a torch so you can explore in the dark. It hit Steam last week at $17.99. People who own the semi-original realMyst on Steam get 33% off.

Shiny and semi-new