Dreamcast shmup NEO XYX launches next week

Sega's doomed Dreamcast is still warmly remembered, more than many other old consoles, and several teams are even still making games for it. Two-man German studio NG:DEV.TEAM today announced that its 2D shmup NEO XYX will launch for Dreamcast on February 17, coming in a fancy box and everything for about $46.

NEO XYX is a good old-fashioned 2D shoot 'em up, with oodles of enemies, umpteen bullets, big bosses, and cheery pixel art. It'll run in either a vertical or horizontal orientation and even, gosh, supports the Dreamcast's memory card with a screen, the VMU.

NG's store offers regular, Limited, and Collector editions, ranging from €34 ($46) to €99 ($134). Shipping to the US will add another $6 or so.

Here, have a gander at the game in this trailer. If it does look a little dated, why, that's only because it was originally released for Neo Geo. In 2012.