Dying Light trailer questions your humanity

Living in a world overrun by zombies is pretty bad, entertainment media would have us believe. Rather than simply embrace the futility of life and welcome death's warm embrace with a smile, we're to think, we'd sink lower and lower and lose more and more of ourselves. A new Dying Light trailer takes this dubious stance, asking what happens to humanity after the fall of civilisation in the Dead Island creator's first-person parkour-o-shooter.

"The 'Humanity' trailer presents a deeper vision of what a zombie epidemic would mean for humankind," senior producer Tymon Smektala said in today's announcement. "In Dying Light, 'the infected' are just that--humans that have mutated as the result of an infection, just like the flu or pneumonia. So we're asking in this trailer that fans think about the humans that these now 'monsters' used to be. Is there a place for kindness in such a cruel world?"

Technland is, of course, famous for tugging heartstrings with That Dead Island Trailer.

Dying Light is due later this year on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PS3. If you want actual gameplay rather than idealised tone-setting, publisher Warner Bros. dropped ten minutes of action in December. Otherwise, here's the new semi-cinematic trailer: