Democracy 3 gets new Social Engineering expansion

Positech Games' governmental sim/roguelike Democracy 3 has received a new DLC expansion pack. The Executive Branch simulator's new Social Engineering pack adds new policies and dilemmas that are meant to show off more subtle changes to your populace.

Among the new dilemmas on display are banknote faces, which creator Cliff Harris explains can make a subtle statement about your country's stance on government and religion. There are dilemmas that center around doctors and bribery, employing or arresting hackers, allowing single parents to adopt, and even a scenario that tasks you with handling a raunchy pop star.

There are 26 new policies and 8 new dilemmas, regardless of what country you play. Just remember, no matter what path you take in Democracy 3, you will inevitably lose, because everyone inevitably loses in the game of politics. Well, except maybe Rob Ford.

Check out the fairly-lengthy Social Engineering trailer below for more on the DLC's new features. Democracy 3's Social Engineering expansion is now available on Steam.