Velocity 2X trailer shows more hybrid action

Indie developer FuturLab is showing some more high-octane action for its upcoming arcade-style space schmup/platformer hybrid, Velocity 2X, that it originally unveiled at Gamescom. A new trailer demonstrates players switching back-and-forth between the two gameplay types at will so quickly that you'll practically get whiplash, while also showing off some of its high-end artwork.

Velocity 2X sees Lt. Kai Tana searching through enemy space stations to save prisoners, while warping across walls using the Quarp Drive device. FuturLab is aiming for full native 60fps and has already indicated to PlayStation.Blog that the game will utilize particle explosions, dynamic environment lighting, and lens flare among other visual effects.

"As I said, there's still plenty left to do," said FuturLab's James Marsden. "The artists have only just begun dressing the levels with all the effects at their disposal, and the design team still has many levels to design. And of course the animation on Kai is getting another pass. Rest assured we'll put every drop of energy we have into making this game a delight."

Check out the trailer below to see some of the game in action. Velocity 2X will hit PlayStation 4 and Vita later this year.