Magus hits PS3 on February 25, co-developed by Aksys

Aksys has specialised for years in localising and publishing Japanese games, including the likes of the BlazBlue series to Virtue's Last Reward, but now it's dabbling in development. It's now announced that its first game, an action-RPG named Magus and co-developed with Black Tower, will launch for PlayStation 3 on February 25 at the budget price of $29.99.

Magus is about a chap of the same name, who's busted out of prison after years of torture by a lady who swears blind he's a god. Well, who knows what he is, as he has the power to wield several types of magic, including raising the dead, controlling gravity, and lobbing fireballs.

Though, we might be a mite concerned that, with the release so clear, all we've really seen of Magus is a handful of screenshots and this teaser trailer from November: