Dancing All Night: Why Atlus is making a Persona music game for Vita

Late last year, Atlus announced a number of Persona games, including the long-awaited Persona 5. However, one game caught gamers off guard. Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a rhythm spin-off game for Vita starring Rise from Persona 4. And many gamers are probably asking why?

Persona series producer Katsura Hashino explained that Dancing All Night serves as an opportunity to highlight the work of composer Shoji Meguro. "It's actually similar to how Persona 4 Arena was created. We had wanted to bring Shigenori Soejima's character art to life by way of a fighting game and this time we thought it would be nice if Shoji Meguro's music had its turn in the spotlight as the basis for a game."

In addition, Hashino explains that the game had to hit Vita as a way of appeasing fans that bought Sony's handheld specifically for Persona 4 Golden. "We wanted to give them another Persona game they could enjoy on that platform," he told the official Persona magazine (as translated by Pepsiman).