Elite: Dangerous trailer shows off multiplayer alpha action

Chris Roberts's Star Citizen may be the big crowdfunded multiplayer space bonanza grabbing everyone's attention and money but hey, let's not forget about Elite: Dangerous. The long, long-awaited new space sim from Frontier Developments has rolled out the first version of its multiplayer to backers, and a new trailer details an early taste of what we'll be able to get up to with our chums in cold, unforgiving space space.

Elite plans to support multiplayer as an all-singing, all-dancing, all-trading space MMO, somewhat similar to Star Citizen, but will also have single-player play. While players will eventually get to trade with each other, engage in piracy, topple governments, and all that, this first alpha release of multiplayer is far more simple.

It offers deathmatch, a co-op mission to defend a smashed-up battlecruiser, and a self-explanatory 'Pirates and Bounty Hunters' mode. Eventually this will all become seamless parts of the online experience, but for now, people who've paid enough can sample these. Once the alpha ends later this, anyone will be able to get into the beta by paying up.

Here's Elite creator David Braben and executive producer Michael Brookes talking multiplayer: