Season Pass bug bewitching The Wolf Among Us on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 owners hoping to sink their teeth into Telltale's The Wolf Among Us are reported to be running into some major problems regarding the latest episode. Users are being prompted to purchase episode two, Smoke & Mirrors, at full price, even if they own a Season Pass.

Telltale has acknowledged the problem and notes that the issue lies with Microsoft. The Telltale Commuminity Support site states, "We are aware of the issue on XBOX Live Marketplace affecting Season Pass owners of The Wolf Among Us where the user is still prompted to purchase Episode 2 even though they own the Season Pass. There appears to be an issue on XBOX Live affecting multiple titles with DLC offerings and Microsoft is actively working to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and are hopeful it will be resolved soon."

The Xbox Support Twitter account is promising updates on the issue, but has also stated that there is currently no timeline for a fix.