Tomb Raider costume coming to Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Never a company to miss an opportunity to cash in on its fans' loyalty and adoration, Square Enix has announced it's bringing a little of Tomb Raider into Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII. When the game launches next Tuesday, they'll be able to grab a DLC that lets Lightning dress up as Lara Croft, mud stains and all.

The costume pack includes Lara's vest, shorts, boots, climbing axe, mud stains, and a riot shield which has, like a cheap licensed Halloween costume from the 1970s, "TOMB RAIDER" written upon it in big letters--just in case Cactrot doesn't recognise who she's come dressed as.

Lightning Returns already has several costumes for characters from other Final Fantasy games. You can snag a Cloud Strife costume for pre-ordering, or dress up as Aerith with the Collector's Edition. This first step outside the series certainly is the weirdest costume, though.

We certainly do hope it'll be free. Square Enix hasn't stated a price, at least.