Xbox One getting system updates in February and March

The next Xbox One system update is coming on February 11th. It'll include lots of "behind the scenes updates" for developers building apps and games, but it'll also include some new features that'll benefit you. For example, Kinect voice commands have been focused on so that they will be "more fluid and responsive."

In addition, you'll be able to see and manage your storage space. Before, content simply installed on your hard drive, with no way of knowing how much space was left on the system. There's also a new battery indicator, so you can see how much life is left in your controller. You'll also be able to use a USB keyboard with Xbox One.

Another update is planned for March 4th. This update is specifically geared for Titanfall and will improve party and multiplayer features on the console. And while this update is conveniently timed a week before Microsoft's big exclusive, it'll undoubtedly help other games down the line.