Dustforce on PlayStation 3 and Vita today, Xbox 360 soon

Like the fluffy balls of dirt that bear its namesake, the PC indie hit Dustforce is starting to gather on consoles today. It's barely missing its slated January date and instead will be available for PlayStation 3 and Vita when the PS Store updates. An Xbox 360 version is coming soon. It costs $9.99, and offers cross-play and save functionality--but keep in mind, no cross-buy.

The console versions of Dustforce feature and online multiplayer for up to four samurai janitors. The PS3 version also includes replay saving. It sports 56 single-player levels and 10 multiplayer levels at launch, but Capcom promises another 100 maps will be available to download sometime soon. Those will be composed of the best and brightest made by PC players in the level editor, which will itself remain exclusive to PC.