R-Type II coming soon to iOS and Android

Remember the 1989 arcade shooter R-Type II from Irem? If not, you're about to get a re-introduction, as porting studio DotEmu is bringing Irem's shmup sequel to both iOS and Android. First released in arcades back in 1989, the game has you once again hop into a singular space ship, facing off against the vile alien Bydo Empire.

With a higher difficulty setting than the original game, R-Type II provides players with a series of new weapons to push back the aliens, including a devastating new bomb type, as well two additional main weapons, the Shotgun Laser and Search Laser.

Other features for the mobile version include an optional auto-fire feature, as well as an 'unlimited' mode that provides infinite lives. It will also support unlockable Achievements through GameCenter and Google Play, along with worldwide leaderboards and support for various Bluetooth controllers.

There's no word on a firm release date, but DotEmu says to expect the port "soon."