South Park: The Stick of Truth pre-order bonuses announced

The perpetually-delayed South Park: The Stick of Truth appears to be really-for-serious coming out next month. Sure we've heard that before, more than once, but this time Ubisoft has committed by outlining pre-order bonuses and producing a TV spot. They wouldn't go back on it now, right?

The "Ultimate Fellowship" pre-order bonus pack consists of costumes for the Necromancer Sorcerer (bonus fire damage), Ranger Elf (bonus weapon damage), Rogue Assassin (bonus gold), and Holy Defender (bonus defenses). That pack is listed on both Steam and the console listings on GameStop. Ubisoft's own Uplay store (via Polygon) comes with the Ultimate Fellowship pack, but also includes a Super Samurai Spaceman pack.

Another hopeful sign of impending release comes from our old friend television, which now has actual advertisements running. Ubisoft has begun showing off the ad, along with some less all-ages-friendly game clips.