Bleszinski hints at early access funding for next project

Cliff Bleszinski has been spending his post-Epic time pursuing other interests, opening a restaurant, and teasing his next game project in extremely incremental ways. In a new interview primarily focused on his restaurant venture, he briefly chimes in about a timeframe for more details, and hints that he may go with a crowdfunding solution similar to studios with less name recognition.

Bleszinski told GamerHub to "expect some news hopefully in the next 4-6 weeks" regarding his attempts to procure funding for his next project. He says he'd ultimately like to use both financing and a crowdfunded model.

"I would like to go directly to the consumer if possible, although with the safety net of providing outside financing," he said. "I think Kickstarter is a beautiful, romantic thing. I think that for every success story there's ten failures, sadly, on Kickstarter. But I think it's possible with the success of Day Z, to have the concept of pay-for-alpha or pay-for-early-access, and help the community forge and shape your game. Build the company while you build the game while you build the community, at the same time."