Ouya launches 16GB model for $130

The Android-powered Ouya hasn't exactly set the world ablaze, but the company has put out a new model with a few revisions to tempt new buyers. The new model doubles the memory and offers a few other hardware revisions, all with a new paint job for $129.99.

The new price tag makes it pricier than the basic model that goes for $99.99. Both versions are available to purchase through the official site, but the extra $30 gives you 16GB of memory instead of eight, a matte black finish, boosted WiFi, and a revised controller.

Ouya had previously promised a version 2.0 of its console to come sometime this year, and mentioned an updated controller in the works as well. The company specifically mentioned fixing the triggers and thumbsticks, and implied that it would be launched into the market stealthily instead of advertising the revised controllers as improved. This one isn't being called 2.0, but it certainly seems to fit the description of one that was given last year.