Plague Inc: Evolved coming to PC, adds multiplayer and 3D graphics

Shack-approved mobile game Plague Inc has mutated and jumped platforms. Ndemic Creations is preparing an enhanced PC version of the game which has all sorts of new features, including multiplayer, a content creator, and 3D graphics. Multiplayer will come in co-op and competitive variants, with players either teaming up to destroy the world, or race against each other. A new content creator will let players create and share custom scenarios, including new plague types and worlds, over Steam Workshop. Finally, disease models will be rendered in 3D, and a new body scanner will highlight "the full effect of your mutations, organ by organ." Plague Inc: Evolved will be available via Steam Early Access on February 20th for PC. A Mac and Linux version will follow afterwards. No price has been revealed, but it will cost more than the mobile version (99 cents). A FAQ explains that Evolved has every expansion pack included in the price. And let's not forget those fancy organ-by-organ 3D graphics.

Three sniffling screenshots