Rumor: New Xbox One models in the works

The Xbox One is only a few months old, but rumors are circulating that Microsoft is already planning the roll-out of new colors, hardware revisions, and bundles. Most intriguing of the scuttlebutt is word that a shiny white Xbox One, similar to the employee model, will launch later this year.

A post on NeoGAF has been talking about the revised models, and The Verge claims to have verified with its own sources. Aside from the white model, Microsoft is said to be testing a download-only version without the Blu-ray drive, but the report states that it's unclear if the company has any plans to bring it to market. A Titanfall model is also purportedly in the works, with the Xbox One's paintjob looking similar to the already announced limited edition controller.

The same report claims that the planned update to fix party chat bugs and reorganize social features will hit in March, so at the very least that month should serve as a good bellwether for the veracity of the rest of the rumors.