Tropico 5 coming to PlayStation 4 too

The "dictator sim" series (dictate 'em up? No, I can't make this any sillier) Tropico began life on PC, later spreading to Xbox 360 too, and now is finally coming to PlayStation with Tropico 5. Publisher Kalypso today announced it'll hit PlayStation 4 too, which is a bit curious as T5 is on Xbox 360, not Xbox One. Oh, the ways of publishers are many and mysterious!

Tropico 5 is perhaps the most ambitious of the city-build series so far, spanning times from the colonial era through to the 21st. Budding dictators will need to move with the times and establish a dynasty of cronies to continue their work once they snuff it.

Kalypso says the game "will take full advantage of the unique features of the PlayStation 4 hardware and controller," whatever that means. It'll have lights and let you share stuff, I guess.

Tropico 5 is broadly slated to launch in 2014, hitting PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360, and PS4.