Google Glass games now available

Okay, so you got an Explorer invite. And you spent $1500 to score yourself a pre-release Google Glass. Now what? Well, how about some games?

Google has released a number of simple mini-games to show off the possibilities of gaming on Glass. There's a tennis game, for example, which uses your head as a racket. "Balance" uses the gyroscope in Glass to have you balancing a precious pile of shapes from falling down. "Clay Shooter" lets you shoot by looking in a certain direction and saying "Pull."

The simplicity of these games may not allow for extended play, but that was all part of the plan. "We intentionally wanted games that are quick to get into when you have a few, free minutes and just as easy to get out of when you want to turn your attention back to reality," Google explained on their blog. The hope is that these demos can inspire developers and set the foundation for other games to follow.