Rekoil launches on PC with new heavy metal trailer

Plastic Pirahna's Rekoil has arrived on PC today, bringing with it a distinct old-school flavor and a thirst for Couter-Strike-era arena combat in a new eSports age. The studio is celebrating the game's arrival with a brand new trailer, appropriately set to vintage metal.

The class-based Rekoil features seven game modes, ten maps, and 40 weapons that are all available out of the box. Built with eSports competition in mind, the game is dedicated to balanced FPS gameplay and a sustained life cycle via full mod support. Shacknews got to try out Rekoil back in October and it certainly achieved that old-school vibe, though perhaps a little too much for more modern FPS fans.

The trailer can be seen below. Rekoil is out now on PC, with an Xbox 360 release called Rekoil: Liberator expected to hit tomorrow.