Guild Wars 2 goes to the Edge of the Mists on February 4

The Guild Wars 2 'Living World' arc is starting to come to a climax. After kicking things off with the Origins of Madness, it only makes sense that the continuing battle against the rogue sylvari, Scarlet Briar, should reach the very edge of madness.

The Edge of the Mists update will kick off on February 4 and promises to take players "beyond time and space," to a land filled with dense cloud forests, icy mountains, and crumbling temples. It's billed as the one place in the world that has yet to be touched by Scarlet Briar, though that's about to change, thanks to Scarlet and her band of Aetherblade pirates. Beyond adding new story content, the update will also include an all-new WvW map.

Get your first glimpse at the upcoming Edge of the Mists update in the trailer below.