inFamous: Second Son trailer showcases next-gen Seattle rain

"When I ask international friends what they think of Seattle, right off the top of their head," inFamous: Second Son game director Nate Fox muses in a new trailer, "They're like, 'Oh man! Rain!'" It's no surprise, then, that the PS4-exclusive superhero 'em up has some awfully pretty weather effects, and developer Sucker Punch is keen to show them off in a new trailer.

"Our goal was to create an urban playground for the player as they experience Delsin's amazing superhuman powers, so it was paramount that we capture the essence of the city," art director Horia Dociu said in an accompanying PlayStation Blog post. "We wanted to give the player the feeling of walking down an alleyway and seeing the rain accumulate between the cobblestones, and the reflections of the rain-streaked, brick buildings and neon market signs."

It's not all rain and fog, mind. Supposedly the mythical weather effect called "sun" is in the game too, though as a London dweller I find this more difficult to believe than superpowers.

inFamous: Second Son is due March 21 on PlayStation 4. Here's the new trailer: