DICE polling for Battlefield 4 balance adjustments

Battlefield 4 continues to be plagued with a number of issues, as developer DICE continues to work on the game. The studio is now taking direct feedback from players with a poll to determine what feature and balance issue they should focus on next.

The suggested adjustments on the Battlefield Blog include added air defense for attack boats, increased damage for the engineer's FGM-148, nerfing the stealth jet's 20mm cannons, various minor adjustments to the fast attack craft cannons, and buffs to the MBT and IFV canister shells.

Each potential change has its own dedicated question for individual results, and so far the canister shells are running away with a staggering 85% of respondents approving the buff idea. DICE also welcomes more suggestions in the comments, so this may not be the last of direct polling that we see out of the studio.