'Contra meets Minecraft' RPG Windforge flies to PC on March 11 in a dead whale airship

Hey kids, have you ever wanted to turn the hollowed-out corpse of a whale into an airship to travel the world and engage in side-scrolling shooty action? Of course you have. Draw a ring around March 11 in your calendar, as that's when Windforge will arrive on PC via Steam to give you that very vision, Snowed In Studios has announced.

The developer has ambitiously described Windforge as "Contra meets Minecraft in a building-block RPG." Players roam around the lands and skies of a procedurally-generated world, with oodles of things to craft and everything to destroy. Airships play a big part, which you can make from whatever you jolly well please, including, yes, the endangered sky-whales.

Pre-ordering Windforge from the official site for $15 will get you access to playable dev builds.

Windforge was pushed to completion by a Kickstarter campaign last November which only narrow hit its goal of $50,000 CAD, ending at $50,161 CAD.