Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate hits 3DS in early 2015

Monster Hunter 4 has been out in Japan since September 2013, so when's it coming westward? Never, is the answer. However, we will see the revamped version Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which Capcom announced over the weekend will arrive "early 2015" in North America. Series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto described 4 Ultimate (or 4G, as it's called in Japan) as "the biggest leap forward ever" for the action-RPG series.

"While we wanted to maintain the familiar features that fans have come to love, we really wanted to evolve the series in a new direction to appeal to existing players and attract new ones as well," Tsujimoto said in an announcement video. He added that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has "more vertical and lateral movement than ever," which lets it "create more fluid and dynamic hunting experiences."

Here's the Japanese announcement trailer:

And here's Tsujimoto to explain a little more: