Sony teases 'Slim' announcement, Vita likely

The recently redesigned Vita would appear to be coming westward. An invitation from Sony teases some kind of slim-related announcement, and the Vita-2000 is the only one that has hit Japan but not the west.

A briefing meeting invite sent to IGN reads: "Following the biggest launch in PlayStation history, join us for an introduction to the slimmest." It's too early for a PlayStation 4 revision, and PlayStation 3 has been lost some weight twice already, so Vita seems like the prime candidate. The briefing is set to take place next Thursday, January 30.

The new model was announced for Japan in September and launched in October. It's 20% thinner and 15% lighter, boasted an extra hour of battery life, and included 1GB of built-in memory. It dropped the proprietary cable for Micro USB, and did away with the 3G option completely in favor of wi-fi only. The biggest change came to the screen, though, which swapped out the original OLED for an LCD screen. It was available in six colors in Japan.