Paradox announces top-down RPG Runemaster

Games like Magicka and Crusader Kings II have turned Paradox Interactive's reputation around in recent years, cementing it as a fine part of PC gaming. Now its internal development studio is having a crack at the good old-fashioned RPG in Runemaster, a newly-announced adventure set in the worlds of Norse mythology.

"Creating an RPG is something new for Paradox Development Studio, and it's been a dream project we've wanted to undertake for a long time now," studio manager Johan Andersson said in today's announcement.

Runemaster will traipse across six worlds of Norse myth, including our very own Midgard and the fire giants' Muspelheim. Though every adventure will visit the same worlds, maps and quests are procedurally generated so each player will have a different experience.

The game's due in winter 2015. While a PC release seems inevitable, Paradox lists the platforms as "TBD" so Runemaster could potentially be one of next-gen games it plans. Check the announcement screenshots and cast your eyes over this trailer for a look at it: