DC Universe Online begins its 'War of the Light'

During writer Geoff Johns' tenure on the Green Lantern books, the DC Universe had a brief, unyielding fascination with the color spectrum, resulting in seven different Lantern corps. DC Universe Online is ready to unleash this colorful attack on its fans with War of the Light Part I, set to deploy on January 28. However, Legendary members can start donning their red rings and begin spewing pools of Rage right now.

War of the Light will include a new Rage power set, based around the anger-fueled Red Lanterns. It'll also include new 4-player missions in a reimagined Metropolis, as well as 8-player missions that take place atop Green Lantern Mogo the Living Planet or on the surface of Sinestro Corps member Ranx the Sentient City. The new DLC will also feature two new PvP characters, Red Lantern leader Atrocitus and Blue Lantern leader Saint Walker, along with Lantern-inspired outfits.

The War of the Light Part I will be available to Free or Premium players next Tuesday at no extra charge on PC, PS3, and PS4. Those looking to get in a little sooner can upgrade to a Legendary Membership for a special 3 months for $29.99 rate.