Deus Ex: The Fall blasts onto Android today

Square Enix has brought their mobile take on the Deus Ex world, Deus Ex: The Fall, to Android devices today. Created in collaboration with the current Deus Ex team at Eidos Montreal, along with mobile studio N-Fusion, Deus Ex: The Fall brings players back into the storied sci-fi universe. More specifically, it returns to the end of Random House's novel Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect.

Players take control of former British SAS Mercenary Ben Saxon, an augmented soldier on the hunt for the truth behind a major drug conspiracy after he was betrayed by the Tyrants. Deus Ex: The Fall features the first-person action, stealth, and decision-making that the series is known for with mixed results, thanks to some iffy touch control implementation.

Deus Ex: The Fall is out now on the Google Play store for $6.99. It's also available on the iOS App Store for the same price.