Angry Birds being built 'for a hundred years'

Angry Birds has quickly exploded from a silly time-waster to a global juggernaut. Rovio chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka recently said at the Pocket Gamer Connects conference that this is the result of a conscious effort to promote the brand beyond games, and that they're "just getting started."

"If you're serious about games you need to be serious about marketing and branding," Vesterbacka said, as reported by Mobile Entertainment (via GameSpot). "We're not building Angry birds for a hundred days but for a hundred years.

"Mario is a great role model for anyone in games, it's been built for almost 30 years now. Hello Kitty is 40 this year and Mickey Mouse was launched in 1928 as a black and white cartoon and that company is now building theme parks based on the character on every continent. We launched an iPhone game in 2009 and now 45 percent of our business comes from physical products, including drink--we're giving Coke a run for their money. Our friends at Disney are still a bit ahead but our trajectory looks good. We're just getting started."

The original Angry Birds has already spawned seven sequels across several platforms, along with tons of merchandise and even a cartoon series.