Lionhead working on unannounced, non-Fable project

Slowly but surely, Lionhead has become something of a Fable factory for Microsoft. It's recently been working on two titles in the franchise, Fable Legends and the soon-to-be-released Fable Anniversary. It isn't all fart humor and swordplay, though, and the studio is currently turning its talents towards something else.

"We're working on other different sorts of games as well that we're not talking about right now and won't be Fable-esque," Lionhead's John Needham told Eurogamer. He did note that they're still "primarily" the Fable studio, but that "we're working on other games too."

Studio director Stuart Whyte added that Lionhead has been known to produce other video games, from time to time. "We've worked on a number of Fable games. We did The Movies. We did Black & White. We're not just a Fable studio. Judging by where we are at the moment we've had a lot of Fable games in recent times, but I wouldn't say that we're just Fable. I can't really say any more at this point!"

So there you have it, Lionhead is working on something that isn't Fable. Just what that something might be, they're keeping under tight wraps.