Killzone: Shadow Fall phasing in clans in February

Killzone: Shadow Fall is on the verge of patching in one of its most requested features. Guerrilla Games' Victor Zuylen has acknowledged the clamor for a clan system and notes that the PS4 launch title will begin phasing in the feature, beginning with patch 1.09 in early February.

"This phase introduces clan system features to both the game and the website," Zuylen says on the Killzone blog. "The patch will add support for displaying clan tags alongside player names in the game, while the website will receive basic clan management functionality--including the ability to create clans, add/remove members, and promote members to clan officers."

Clan features will be expanded through subsequent patches, based on player feedback. Zuylen adds that the team is continuing to work on free multiplayer DLC and Shadow Fall's first DLC expansion pack, which will be formally announced at a later date.