Resident Evil 4 HD coming to PC in February

Though Resident Evil 4 is technically available on PC, it's a shoddy port from 2007 and you'll need to hunt for a second-hand copy, which is wholly unacceptable for such a fine and influential game. Oh, happy day! Capcom has announced that it's bringing "the ultimate HD edition" of its zombie melodrama to PC on February 28.

It'll run in 60fps with improved textures and other graphical whizzbangs, along with global leaderboards and Steam features like Cloud saves. It also includes the extra bits from the game's various releases, like the 'Separate Ways' mini-campaign introduced with the PS3 release.

One imagines it's simply a port of the modern console revamp released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2011, which received solid reviews. Like them, it'll cost $19.99.