Sony releases PS3/Vita port onto iOS & Android with Bentley's Hackpack

Sony has dabbled in a few mobile experiments, including weird promotional stuff, the PlayStation App, and most recently, a tie-in game for Knack. However, is this the first time they've released an actual port of a first-party game onto iOS and Android? Seems like it.

Bentley's Hackpack was originally a PS3/Vita spin-off game of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. However, it's made a surprise appearance on both the App Store and Google Play. Both are available as free demos, with a full unlock available as an in-app purchase.

The game will only run on iPad and compatible Android tablets and features the three hacking mini-games of Thieves in Time. It's not the biggest plunge into mobile game development for Sony, but it's clear that the publisher is slowly testing the waters.

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