Concursion seamlessly blends five gaming genres together

If you're an indie studio, one of the first questions to think about before venturing out to create a game is what kind of game should it be? For Puuba, the answer is to stick five different genres in a blender and revel in the chaos that results. The indie dev released a new trailer today for its puree of gaming goodness called Concursion.

Concursion simultaneously offers platforming, space combat, hack-and-slash action, aerial exploration, and Pac-Man-like mazes. The unnamed main character will switch between each gameplay style at a moment's notice by jumping into various rifts placed in each level. All of these gaming elements feature their own distinct art style and are blended together in a shockingly seamless fashion.

It's one of those ideas you need to see to believe, so check out the trailer below. Concursion is set to hit PC and Mac later this year.